qYouth JOTI Badge 2021 – ScoutLink

Youth JOTI Badge 2021

Come and join us in #youth this JOTA-JOTI for fun mini-activities, great conversation and a chance to earn a ScoutLink Youth digital badge!

How to earn your badge?

Earning the Youth JOTI badge is easy and fun! All you will have to do is complete our four mini-activities. Follow the instructions down below to find out about the activities. In these instructions we’ll also tell you about what scores we need from you and how to request the badge.

Make sure you keep your scores and screenshots in a place where you will be able to find them again when you’re ready to request the badge. Once you have completed all the events, you can send an email to youthbadge@scoutlink.net, and when the event is over, we’ll review all mails and send you your badge. If you have any questions, you can ask one of our operators in #youth, or email us at the youthbadge@scoutlink.net, we’re here to help. The event will run from 13-10 00:00 GMT to 22-10 23:59 GMT, be sure to request your badge before the event ends. Most of all, stay safe and have fun!

The Badge.

To earn the badge, you will have to complete 4 different mini-activities:

  • Our Treasure Hunt
  • The Cue-Cards
  • The Drawing Competition
  • The ScoutLink Quiz

Each of those activities has a set of rules, written in the instructions down below.

Explore IRC: Complete our Treasure Hunt!

We’ve carefully hidden six letters around ScoutLink that spell out a secret code word. Use the clues below to find all 6 letters, and include the final word in your email (make sure we can recognise it the solution of the treasure hunt).

  • Do you know /whois Ash?
  • Have you ever visited #trivia. Come join for a game, who knows what it has to offer.
  • Going through /list is a good way to find new channels, some of which might be filled with treasures
  • Could the first letter of the Youth Supervisor’s name on scoutlink.net/coordinators be a treasure?
  • Do you think our infamous ghost ship is hiding a /ctcp Treasure?(If you’re having trouble finding this, please ask for a team member in #youth or #uno. Do not PM anyone)
  • Have you checked our Minecraft server, there might be something hidden in plain sight there.

The last letter is optional, so you can skip it if you don’t have Minecraft. Good luck & happy hunting!

Have you ever seen our Cue-Cards?

Here you can find our Cue-Cards, you can always use them to help you start up a conversation on ScoutLink. For this event, we are using those Cue-Cards, the aim for the event is to have a conversation with a Youth-Team member, they can be found in the #youth channels on the IRC (webchat), as well as in #uno, you can recognise team-members by the symbol in front of their nick (~, -, +, @, %, &), keep in mind some nicks with a symbol in front of their name might be a bot.

In this conversation, you should try to get all the info on the Cue-Cards, when you found out all the info, and maybe even more (feel free to add an extra row of information if you want to), you can ask for a JID-code. 

You have completed this event when you have found three JID’s from our team members.

The Drawing Competition.

For the Drawing competition, the objective is to make a drawing that is related to the SDG’s (https://sdgs.un.org/goals). The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals the United Nations called into life, each goal is focused on solving one of the big problems in the world, for instance poverty, wildlife, the ocean, gender equality, and so on. 

For your drawing, you can choose one of the goals and make a drawing about that one in particular, or you can choose more then one, or even make a drawing about the SDG’s in general.

The way you draw is completely up to you, you can use pencils, pen, dip pen, paint, Microsoft Paint, any drawing app you want, as long as we can see the end result of what you drew 😛 

This part of the event is completed when you include a recognisable drawing in you badge-request.

And now it’s Quiz Time!

Test your knowledge of ScoutLink by taking the quiz at ScoutLink Quiz (scoutlink.net). Take a screenshot of your score once to include in your email. You must get 75% or more on the quiz to earn the badge, so feel free to retry as many times as you need.

That’s all.

These are the four activities we have planned for you, when you have completed all of them:

  • Found the solution for the Treasure Hunt
  • Found three Team member’s JID’s
  • Made a recognisable drawing
  • Got 75% or more on the quiz

When you have completed all of these things, you can send us an email at youthbadge@scoutlink.net with the solution for the Treasure Hunt, the JID’s from the Team members or the filled in Cue-Cards, your drawing, and a screenshot from the quiz. And when we have reviewed your mail, we’ll send you the badge as soon as possible. Good luck, and remember: It’s about the fun we have together!

Leaders, are you participating in this activity with a large group? You can send one email certifying your group has completed the requirements instead of having youth email individually.