ScoutLink Minecraft is a massive open-world game where you dig (mine) and build (craft) different kinds of 3D blocks within a huge unique world. Explore different terrain types, fight dozens of monsters, and build your dreams!

Find out more including how to connect here: ScoutLink Minecraft


Uno is a popular card game and can be played on ScoutLink IRC. There are two versions of Uno available on ScoutLink:

Classic Uno

This is the original version of Uno played on ScoutLink. You can find it in the following channels:

  • #scandinavia-uno
  • #scandinavia-uno1
  • #scandinavia-uno2

To play classic uno, join one of the channels and use the following command to see a list of instructions:



Uno is a variant of Classic Uno which was developed by the ScoutLink Youth Team. You can play Uno by joining these channels on ScoutLink IRC:

  • #uno
  • #dutch-uno

A list of instructions can be found by joining #uno and using the command:


You can also check the topic of the channel for Uno Bot status and other useful information.


Werewolf is a game of mystery, strategy and luck! A village has been cursed with a werewolf. Each player is given a role and must find out who is the werewolf before the wolf takes over the whole village.

To play Werewolf, just join one of these channels on ScoutLink IRC.

  • #werewolf
  • #dutch-weerwolven

There is also a Jungle Book themed version of the game available at:

  • #dutch-jungle

You can find out how to play by using the command:



Trivia is a test of your scouting and general knowledge! To play Trivia, just join one of the channels and start answering questions. Trivia is currently available here:

  • #scandinavia-quiz
  • #trivia
  • #dutch-quiz