Minecraft Team

About the team

The Minecraft Team is responsible for developing and managing the ScoutLink Minecraft server.
As with all of our services, the server is ultimately managed by ScoutLink Council overssen by TechTeam.

Team members

NickMinecraft UsernameRole
Kerrby General_KerrbyCoordinator, Lead Moderator
tang tang_scoutLead Developer
CSmith Tim__26Developer
justdave justdave72Developer
Jeebeevee JeebeeveeDeveloper
Arjo worldmcDeveloper
RMTWeb rmtwebDeveloper
Trebel NoTrebelDeveloper
Lillelykke LillelykkeDeveloper
Waitee WaiteeModerator
P00tle P00tleModerator
Kermit Kermit2794Moderator
Darren Darren_MModerator
Gregor Gregor_SLModerator
Ben benhunter09Moderator
Ryunae Ryunae1Moderator

How to join

If you’d like to join us, please send an email to minecraft@scoutlink.net directly or using our contact form. Please include as much information as you can about what you are able to help us with – or if you aren’t sure, then ask us some questions and perhaps we can help you find where you might fit best.


We aim to have as much information as possible publicly available to help keep you aware of what is being worked on. If you have any comments about these, please email us.

Roles, responsibilities, and permissions

Click here to see roles within the team, including their responsibilities and permissions.

Meeting minutes

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