JOTI Special Edition

We are proud to be a trusted partner of the JOTI Special Edition. Please see the following statement from WOSM and visit their website for more information –

“Today, young people in many countries are facing challenges in their local communities because of the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Schools have closed and Scouting activities have been put on hold.

It is very important that all Scouts and young people stay safe by avoiding public spaces and crowded places, making sure to wash our hands regularly and following other good practices. But staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, do Scouting or make new friends!

This special edition of JOTI is a safe space, connecting Scouts like you, from around the world at a time when many of us are at home, unable to attend school or Scouting activities.

You can sign up for different activities throughout the weekend of 3rd April — from e-learning courses on health, well-being and online safety to learning about different cultures. You can play games and lead fun activities as well as doing what you can to support those in need. Let’s have each other’s back, support our friends, and make this world a little brighter.

This is a special edition of our largest digital Jamboree, JOTA-JOTI, that takes place every year in October. You will still be able to enjoy JOTA-JOTI this October as usual.

However, our special JOTI on 3-5 April, will allow you to connect with others, learn new skills, bring Scouting online, and build new friendships from the comfort of our homes during this challenging time, when we need each other the most.

As Scouts, we are resilient and we are always prepared, so together let’s turn this challenging time into an opportunity and connect millions of Scouts around the world in a safe space for all.”

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What is JOTI?

JOTI (Jamboree On The Internet) is part of JOTA-JOTI, an international jamboree taking place around the world simultaneously. It is organised by WOSM, the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Scouts from all over the world communicate over the Air (amateur radio) and the Internet using any technology locally available. There are loads of different ways to communicate, including text-based chat, voice chat, video chat, emails, blogs, and social media networks. JOTA-JOTI allows you to build friendships around the world and to find out more about their culture and scouting life.

ScoutLink has been the WOSM-approved way of participating in JOTI for over a decade, and to recognise this we are a Trusted Partner of the World JOTA-JOTI Team. Thousands of Scouts & Guides come to ScoutLink every year during JOTI. They come from different countries, scout groups, ages, nationalities, and cultures. This is a great opportunity to swap experiences, make new friends, and to learn more about Scouting and Guiding all around the world.

When is it?

JOTA-JOTI is the 3rd weekend in October. JOTA-JOTI 2019 takes place on the 18th-20th October

How can I get involved?

It’s very simple – just choose one of the options below:

As an optional extra, you can register on the JOTA-JOTI portal provided by WOSM ( This isn’t necessary to take part in JOTI, but it will give you a Jamboree IDentity (or JID). This is a special code which is used in a number of games and activities and can be swapped with other users as a way of logging how many people you’ve talked to. You can find out more about JIDs on the frequently asked questions page ( The WOSM website also has activity packs that you could incorporate into your JOTI event.

Planning an event?

If you are planning an event over JOTI, we have created a useful guide that you can use (

More information

Check out the JOTA-JOTI official world scouting website ( You can also email directly or using our contact form.