IRC Camp

Our IRC camps happen once a year, on the weekend of Easter. They are friendly, fun and informal, and give you a chance to meet Scouts from other countries, as well as enjoying the local sights and food!

Next IRC camp

The next IRC camp is IRC-NL which will take place in the Netherlands at Easter of 2017. You can find out more about this camp at

Previous IRC camps

2000IRC-UKWaddecar, UK
2001IRC-UKGilwell Park, UK
2002IRC-NLBaarn, Netherlands
2003IRC-SCANGlumso, Denmark
2004IRC-CYMRUGladstone, Wales
2005IRC-NLVeere, Netherlands
2006IRC-BESt Jors Weert, Belgium
2007IRC-IEDublin, Ireland
2008IRC-DEHamburg, Germany
2009IRC-CHThun, Switzerland
2010IRC-FINLempäälä, Finland
2011IRC-NLRotterdam, Netherlands
2012IRC-SCOLapwing, Scotland
2013IRC-PLKrakow, Poland
2014IRC-DEGarbeck, Germany