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Help and Training Team

About the team

The Help and Training Team (HaTT) are an amazing bunch of people who have volunteered to make your ScoutLink experience easier and more fun by being there whenever you have a problem. These problems might be a technical issue, problems with another user, or just somewhere to ask for advice.

HaTT also help train our ChanOps, IRCOps, and temporary operators for JOTI. There are online courses on offer, and tests on the ScoutLink network, with experienced ops to help you if you get stuck.


  • Coordinator (and Deputy)
    • Primarily responsible for the function of the team
    • Attends ScoutLink Council meetings
    • Supervises Helpers; makes sure every request is dealt with properly
  • Senior Trainers
    • Write and edit HaTT training courses
    • Supervise the whole training process
  • Trainers
    • Are responsible IRCOps or skilled ChanOps that train new operators
    • Supervise and mark tests and exams
  • Translators
    • Make sure our documentation and courses are available in as many languages as possible
    • Are able to make accurate translations from English
  • Senior Helpers
    • Have access to the ticket system to provide extra help via email
    • Write articles in the FAQ
  • Helpers
    • Give friendly help and advice to people that ask questions in #help
    • Are available in the #help channel whenever they are online
    • Offer help in chanels when a user seems to be struggling

Team members

LocutovDeputy Coordinator
HamadaSenior Trainer
tuckerSenior Trainer
bucaneroSenior Trainer
elguayanesSenior Trainer
ardiansatovic_113314Senior Trainer
CobraProtectoraSenior Trainer
OppdagerenSenior Trainer
DeltaBravo92Senior Trainer
To get in touch with the team you can email; hatt@scoutlink.net to contact the coordinator and deputy, help@scoutlink.net to ask for help and banned@scoutlink.net to appeal bans.

 How to join

We are always recruiting team members, and are especially in need of people to help translate our Training Courses into other languages. We are a friendly bunch, and all we ask is that you are enthusiastic and committed to do your best for the team.

If you would like to join us, you can send us an email to hatt@scoutlink.net. Please include the following in your email:

  • Your full name
  • Your registered ScoutLink nickname
  • Your country
  • The position you’re applying for (Helper, Trainer, or Translator)
  • The language(s) you speak and the level (native, excellent, good, or basic)
  • Any technical knowledge and specific experience with IRC