Rules and sanctions

All users of our network, including the IRC, TeamSpeak, and Minecraft services, must follow our rules at all times. You can find our rules listed below, as well as the different sanctions carried out when the rules are broken, and how to appeal.


Scout/Guide Law

All users of ScoutLink are Scouts, Guides, or are interested in Scouting/Guiding. Both Scouting and Guiding have a law which members promise to follow; keeping your promise while on ScoutLink will prevent most of the problems listed on this page.

Adult supervision

The parents and/or leaders of young people remain ultimately responsible for their safety while on ScoutLink. We strongly recommend that young people are supervised by parents and/or leaders at all times whilst using ScoutLink.

Offensive language and abuse

Language which is designed to offend or upset others is not allowed. Users should be polite and respect each other at all times. Users should also remember that ScoutLink is an international network, and that some topics, such as politics and religion, should be treated particularly sensitively to avoid offence.

Private messages

Private messages are allowed on ScoutLink, but their use is discouraged because we think it’s better if a conversation takes place in a public channel. This is for two reasons: 1) it allows operators and leaders to supervise conversations, and 2) it allows other people to join in with the conversation. If you want to stop someone contacting you in private – see our Staying Safe page for help.


Some channels will kick you if you are idle for more than 30 minutes to allow active users into the channel. Just rejoin when you are back at your computer.


All bots must be approved by Bot Team or Tech Team before being used. The use of proxies or additional connections without authorisation is not allowed.



Flooding/spamming is not allowed. This includes typing lots of text very quickly or sending sounds that aren’t relevant to the current conversation, and typing text that contains lots of colours, capital letters, or symbols. This is because it makes it more difficult for people to read and have conversations with others.

Personal info

For the safety of our users, the sharing of personal information (including, but not limited to, full name, email address, phone number, street address and Facebook) in public is not allowed. We suggest that groups make anonymous or group email or Skype accounts to use if they wish to communicate outside of ScoutLink.

Operator discretion

We recognise that it isn’t possible to include every single type of negative behaviour on this webpage, so we trust our operators to use their discretion and common sense when dealing with issues outside the scope of these rules.

Additional rules for TeamSpeak

In addition to the above rules, these are extra rules that apply to our TeamSpeakers:

  • People who are idle on the server for more than 30 minutes, will be moved by the bot to #idle. If you remain idle for another 30 minutes, you will be removed from the server by the bot.
  • Don’t broadcast sound files or have music in the background. Just use your voice. Please don’t use the server for gaming chat, unless if you are in the Minecraft channel talking about ScoutLink Minecraft

Additional rules for Minecraft

In addition to the above rules, these are extra rules that apply to our Minecrafters:

  • Deliberately destroying other players work is not allowed. We use a plugin which allow players to claim areas to prevent others from doing this. However, if you discover an area that is unclaimed but is clearly someone’s work, you must report it to a team member and not destroy it in any way.
  • Creations which might impact on server performance (e.g. large redstone circuits or mob farms) should only be built with permission from Minecraft Team.
  • Use of WorldEdit that impacts on server performance is not allowed.
  • Abuse of server mechanics, exploits, glitches, or bugs (including X-ray, Kill Aura, Rei’s minimap etc.) is not allowed.
  • Hacked clients of any kind is not allowed. OptiFine, shaders and texture packs are allowed.
  • Intentionally trying or succeeding in killing a team member in pvp-games is not allowed.
  • Deliberately not trying to win pvp-games and try to frustrate or ruining the game for others is not allowed.
  • Teaming in pvp-games which doesn’t allow teams and cross-teaming is not allowed.
  • Advertisement of other servers is not allowed.
  • Selling/trading Minecraft accounts or other transactions involving real-world money for virtual items is not allowed.
  • Impersonating or pretending to be a ScoutLink Minecraft Team members and other players is not allowed.
  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Spamming commands is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate/sexual/explicit skins, usernames, capes, builds etc. is not allowed.
  • If you trust other people on your plots or claims then you are responsible for what they do.
  • You are responsible for your own account, even if a friend or family member borrows it.



You have been kicked from #channel-name by operator-name (Spamming/flooding the channel. See

This means that an operator (also known as a moderator or ‘op’) has removed you from the channel for a specified reason. A kick is not permanent and you will be able to return to the channel. You should make sure you know what you did wrong before returning, and read the rules again or ask the operator who kicked you.


Cannot join #channel-name (You are banned)

If you continue to break the rules after being kicked, this will result in a channel ban. This is normally used alongside a kick at the same time. A ban prevents you from rejoining the channel for a specific length of time which will normally be stated in the kick message. A ban will give you time to think about your behaviour in the channel.


* You were killed by operator-name ((Spamming/flooding multiple channels. See  Closing link: your-nick [your-username@your-hostmask] (Killed (operator-name (Spamming/flooding multiple channels. See scoutlink,net/rules)))

If you get a message like this, this means that the Operator has closed your connection to the network. Check the ‘kill’ message to find out why you have been disconnected. Kills are used for repeated rule-breaking after multiple warnings, or as a first sanction in exceptional situations.

G-Line (network ban) *** You're banned! Email with the ERROR line below for help. Please also vsit for our rules.  Closing link: (your-username@your-ip) [G-Lined: Set by operator-name. 1hr duration. Spamming/flooding in mulitple channels. See]

If you see something like this when you try to connect, this means that you were banned from the whole Scoutlink IRC Network. Such a ban is only used if you repeatedly break the rules or for extreme behaviour.

Automatic G-Line (network ban)

You're banned! Email with the ERROR line below for help.  Closing link: (your-username@your-ip) [G-Lined: TOR exit node detected]

This is an automated ban. We use a blacklist for TOR exit routers, which is a specific type of connection that people use to get around bans or restrictions. We do not have the ability to make exceptions to the blacklist. For more information about TOR see Contact your system administrator to obtain more information or for another way to connect without being banned.

You're banned! Email with the ERROR line below for help.  Closing link: (your-username@your-ip) [G-Lined: You are listed in DroneBL. Please visit]

This is another type of automated ban. We subscribe to a blacklist of computers which are known to engage in malicious activities, or are infected with malware (known as a ‘botnet’). You should thoroughly malware scan your computer and follow the instructions in the link. Please note that the link in the G-line reason is unique to you, as it will contain your IP address.

Appealing and complaints

If you have been banned and would like to appeal against it, go to and fill out the form, and then the relevant person will contact you about the ban. If you are still unhappy after this, you can ask for your appeal to be passed to the ScoutLink Council. Decisions made by the Council are final.

If you have a complaint, go to, select “” from the drop-down, and fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are still unhappy after this, you can ask for your complaints to be passed to the ScoutLink Council. Decisions made by the Council are final.