Council is ScoutLink’s governing body and it oversees all aspects of our network. It handles final appeals for issues relating to complaints and, among other things, is responsible for approving changes to our network rules and appointing new Coordinators. All Regional Coordinators (RCs) and Country Coordinators (CCs) attend Council and hold a vote.

In addition, the Team Coordinators of ScoutLink’s various teams (such as the Help & Training Team, or Minecraft Team) also attend Council. These members do not get a vote but are expected to keep the Council aware of their team’s activities and provide input into decisions that are made.

Users can submit an agenda point to be discussed at Council via the Council Chairperson.

Our Chairperson and Secretary are voted in by Council in alternating years, and so each appointment lasts for 2 years.

Current Chairperson:

Layton – Ben Layton (

Current Secretary:

VACANT – Tony – Tony McAndrew (