Connecting to IRC with other clients

Our server address is and you can connect securely (SSL encryption) using port +6697. Plain text connection is available on port 6667. This guide will show you how to connect to our IRC network using various clients. Once connected, you can type /list to see what channels you can join.


There are two ways of doing this:

  • You can use a command – type /server
  • You can use mIRC Options:
    1. Click the Tools menu, click Options, and then clicker Servers (or press Alt + E to do this).
    2. Click the Add button (see a list of buttons on the right side). A new window will appear (the Add Server window).
    3. Write ScoutLink in the Description box.
    4. Write in the IRC Server box.
    5. Write +6697 in ports box.
    6. Press the Add button. You will be brought back to IRC Server list. You will also notice that a new IRC server called ScoutLink is now added to the list.
    7. Select the ScoutLink  server by clicking it once. Then press the Select button on the right.
    8. You will now be in the Connect part of mIRC Options window. Just press the connect button.

Using either method will cause a lot of text to suddenly appear. Do not panic as this is a normal process of mIRC trying to establish connection with the server. Just wait until a welcome message appears.

If a new window popped up (the mIRC Favorites window), just close it by clicking the close (X) button at the top right corner of the window, or by pressing Esc button at top left corner of your keyboard.


  1. Start the HexChat application. The HexChat: Network List window will appear.
  2. Enter your nick name, user name, and real name.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Change the name (New Network) to ScoutLink, then click the Edit button.
  5. The HexChat: Edit ScoutLink window will appear.
  6. Click the Edit button.
  7. Change the server name (newserver) to, then click the Close button.
  8. Click connect.

As soon as you click the Connect button in HexChat: Network List window, HexChat will try to connect itself to ScoutLink and a lot of text will be displayed.


  1. Open the Connections window by going to Window -> Connections.
  2. Choose New to create a new connection.
  3. Write your desired nickname in the Nickname text box. You nickname (or nick) is the name you’ll use to chat with others, and will be shown next to your messages.
  4. Type in the Chat Server box.
  5. Type 6697 in the Chat Server Port box.
  6. Tick the SSL Connection check box.
  7. Tick the Remember this connection check box.
  8. Click the Connect button.

Android App

We also have an Android app. To download it, go to