Tech Team

About the team

Tech Team are the systems administrators and programmers working behind the scenes to keep the IRC network and other services in working order. Our Techies provide, install, and maintain all the servers that make up the ScoutLink network.

If you are having a technical problem on the network, you can email directly, or you can use our contact form. All technical queries should be directed to this email address; individual team members should not be contacted directly.

Since November 2018, Bot Team has been merged with Tech Team, bringing the operation, approval, and development of bots under the Tech Team banner.

Team members

Marens101Interim Coordinator
LegomannetjeInterim Assistant Coordinator
squirelDeveloper, Sysadmin, Support
zleppyBot Developer
LaytonDeveloper, Sysadmin
hoerupBot Developer
tangDeveloper, Sysadmin

Please do not contact individual team members about technical problems. Use the ticket system contact information above.


Follow Tech Team on Twitter to get updates regarding server status and other tidbits!

ScoutLink staff and operators receive priority status updates via Discourse.

How to join

Tech Team is not actively looking for applications. Active members of the ScoutLink community who have a known and demonstrable interest and ability in systems administration will typically be contacted directly by Tech Team. The best way to express an interest in joining Tech Team is to speak to the Tech Team Coordinator on IRC.