There are many operators on the ScoutLink network who:

  • Facilitate conversations in channels
  • Ensure that our rules are followed
  • Act as a point of contact for users who have any issues on the network


Channel Operators (ChanOps)

ChanOps have the responsibilities to:

  • Moderate specific #channels
  • Maintain a friendly atmosphere
  • Engage users in conversation
  • Ensure people follow the rules
  • Help users who have problems (or refer them to #help)

To help them carry out their responsibilities, ChanOps have the permissions to:

  • Kick a user (disconnect them from the channel)
  • Ban a user (prevent them from returning to the channel)
  • Set modes on the channel (e.g. restrict the user of colours)

IRC Operators (IRCOps)

IRCOps have the same responsibilities as ChanOps, but they moderate the entire ScoutLink network, including all #channels.

In addition to the permissions listed above for ChanOps, IRCOps have the permissions to:

  • Kill a user (disconnect them from the network)
  • G-Line a user (prevent them from returning to the network)
  • Change a user’s nick
  • Reset a user’s password
  • Move users between channels
  • Open new channels


All of our operators receive training and support in their role. This ensures that every operator feels capable and confident in their role. The Help & Training Team (HaTT) takes the lead on the training of all operators on our network. They also provide help and advice to users and operators.

HaTT runs a virtual training environment, which combines written information with multiple-choice questions to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to become an operator. After this, potential operators schedule an online evaluation with one of our team to demonstrate these abilities in realtime.

Our Minecraft moderators undergo an additional course to make sure they can use their training in the game environment.

Temporary operators

Every year we recruit a large team of temporary volunteer operators to help us manage our channels over JOTI, our busiest event of the year. These temporary operators receive the same training as standard operators.


Want to volunteer for us as an operator? Go to scoutlink.net/volunteer to see if there are any roles available.