Below is a list of shortlinks/redirects that you may find useful. All entries append except for those that redirect away from the site which show the full address. Any issues, send an email to directly or via the contact page.

/chathttps://webchat.scoutlink.netRedirects to the webchat.
/webchathttps://webchat.scoutlink.netRedirects to the webchat.
/app IRC Android App
/discoursehttps://discourse.scoutlink.netRedirects to Discourse.
/voice/teamspeakRedirects to the TeamSpeak page.
/channels/irc/channelsList of channels on IRC.
/minecraft/minecraft/aboutInformation about Minecraft.
/map/minecraft/mapMap for Minecraft server(s).
/change-version/minecraft/change-versionFor Minecraft users who get an error about the version of Minecraft they are using.
/joti/joti/aboutInformation about JOTI.
/radio/joti/radioInformation about JOTI Radio.
/activities/joti/activitiesActivity packs for JOTI.
/volunteer/operators/volunteerVolunteer page
/register-nick/guides/register-nickA guide about registering a nick with NickServ.
/council/council/aboutInformation about Council.
/elections/council/electionsInformation about elections.
/bot-team/teams/bot-teamBot Team page.
/hatt/teams/hattHelp and Training Team page.
/media-team/teams/media-teamMedia Team page.
/minecraft-team/teams/minecraft-teamMinecraft Team page.
/tech-team/teams/tech-teamTech Team page.
/web-team/teams/web-teamWeb Team page.