IRC-NL 2017

As discussed at the previous IRC camp, IRC-SE 2016, the next IRC camp will take place in the Netherlands.

Quick details

Date: Thursday 13th April 2017 (17:00 UTC+2) – Monday 17th April 2017 (14:00 UTC+2)

Camp site: Scoutcentrum Rotterdam (

Location: (GPS: 51.927746N, 4.569829E)

If you have any queries about this camp, please contact Voske or VrouwHolle on IRC (, or email Voske at You can also contact these through the Facebook group.


The camp price and activities we can include, depends a lot on the number of campers attending. For lot’s of activities (and food) you get big discounts, if you have groups over 20 or 25 persons. We aim to do the camp for a maximum of 75 to 80 euro’s, but hopefully cheaper, if we have more campers on our list!

The camp price includes:

  • Rent for the scout hut and kitchen
  • A breakfast and evening meal
  • If possible all trips during the camp

We are not sure about the planning, so we don’t know if we will use public transport or the cars of those attending to get to activities, but we will inform you as soon as we know.


This programme is a draft and will be updated as soon as possible.


  • Arrival of the first guests at 17:00 hours
  • A basic dinner at 18:30 hours prepared with the help of the first arrivals
  • From 19:00 hours coffee and tea time with a dutch surprise!
  • Around 23:00 hours bedtime

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

These days are not planned yet.


  • Breakfast at 09:00 hours
  • Cleaning up the kitchen and the farmhouse (sleeping rooms, toilets, etc.)
  • Leaving between 12:00 and 14:00 hours

Getting to the campsite


The campsite is easy to get to by car. The campsite is located at the east side of the city of Rotterdam in a town called Capelle aan den IJssel. Most car nav systems have no problems finding the campsite by city name and street. If that doesn’t work use the GPS coordinates: 51.927746N, 4.569829E.

Take exit 25 on the east side of the city ring this is called motorway A16 (Capelle a/d IJssel). Now follow the signs Capelle a/d IJssel you will be on motorway N210. Drive along this road for about 4 km’s in an easterly direction. You will pass some traffic lights. At one point you see a big roundabout with 4 lanes. Take the left lane to make a left ¾ turn. (to KFC, McDonalds, Subway). When you have turned left you will see the subway and KFC on your left hand. Now go at the next traffic lights and turn directly right and in about 250 meters you will be at the scout centre and see the parking on your left hand.

Public transport

The best way to get to the campsite depends where you arrive in Holland. The best way is to travel by train to NS Rotterdam Alexander, 2nd best is Rotterdam Central station. From there you can take the Rotterdam METRO network. It’s a under and above ground line that crosses the town. We have basically two lines: one going in west-eEast direction (A, B, C) and north-south direction. This lines connects the cities: Den Haag, Zoetermeer, Spijkenisse, Schiedam, Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel.

From NS station Rotterdam Alexander (total travel time about 20-­25 minutes):
Take the train at Railway station Alexander on the METRO network to the city center of Rotterdam (A or B line) and in 5 minutes you will be at station Schenkel (passing stations Oosterflank and Prinsenlaan) and then it’s about 15 minutes (1,1 km) walk to the scout center.

From Rotterdam Central station (total travel time about 35 minutes):
Take the train at Railway station Rotterdam Centraal the METRO network line D or E to Slinge/Spijkenisse and stop at station Beurs (passing only station Stadhuis, takes about 3 minutes). Then go on the next METRO line A, B or C to Capelsebrug (passing Blaak, Oostplein, Gerdesiaweg, Voorschoterlaan and Kralingse zoom, takes about 10 minutes traveling time!) and then it’s about 15 minutes (1,1 km) walk to the scout center.

More info about trains:
More info about the METRO:


  1. Is this a scout hut belonging to your own group or region?
    No, this is a scout centre nearby Voske’s house that is in use for many scouting (local) activities. In the area there are also two scout groups that use the scout centre for their activities
  2. How and when can we register for the camp?
    We will do our best to make a registration form available the next few weeks, to sign­in for the camp.
  3. How about payment?
    We will let you know as soon as possible when and what to pay. But we think starting in March when we have to pay the final amount to the Scout Centre. For Euro countries an IBAN bank payment will be the easiest and cheapest way. For countries outside the EU we will see what is the easiest and cheapest way we can find for you to pay.
  4. How can we get in contact with you?
    Contact us directly on Facebook chat, ScoutLink or send an e­mail to Voske at We will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible.
  5. Can we drink alcohol on the campsite?
    Yes, you can. But keep in mind that we are at a scouting location, so it’s not allowed to walk around and drink in the open air! So drinking alcohol is only allowed inside the farmhouse! Hopefully, you understand, that drinking alcohol is OK, but we can’t tolerate anybody getting drunk or becoming a nuisance because of drinking too much alcohol.
  6. How are the two big sleeping rooms divided?
    Upstairs we have two sleeping rooms with bunkbeds. Like the previous camps we will split up into snoring and non snoring sleeping rooms, so everybody can enjoy sleeping.
  7. How about the weather around easter?
    Well that’s hard to say, but if we look at average values in April we have around 14C in the day, 5C at night, 5 to 6 hours of sun and 50% of the days with some rain. But at the last IRC_­NL we had record breaking 25­-28C at the camp and long days of sunshine. So we hope for the best. ;)­


The following campers have told us that they will be attending the camp:

  • Voske NL
  • VrouwHolle NL
  • Bente DK
  • Brian DK
  • Tinge DK
  • ATA DK
  • Bullfrog UK
  • Badger UK
  • Jock & Clair UK
  • Juham FI
  • Hirppis FI
  • Pia FI
The ”hooischuur“ and the farmhouse
The ”hooischuur“ and the farmhouse