Registering your nick with NickServ

You don’t have to register your nick to use ScoutLink IRC (Webchat) but there are benefits of doing this. NickServ is an IRC service that allows people to register their nick and prevent other users from using it. Below, we will show you how to do this! Please note: in some clients, /msg NickServ can be shortened to /NickServ or /ns, but if you’re unsure, use the long version of the command.

  1. Make sure your current nick is the one you want to register. If it isn’t, type /nick followed by the nick you want. For example, /nick ExampleNick
  2. Type /msg NickServ register followed by a password of your choice, and then your email address. For example, /msg NickServ register mypassword Your nick will now be registered.
  3. From now on, when you join ScoutLink IRC (Webchat) using your registered nick, you will have to login/identify yourself. NickServ will give you 90 seconds to do this before changing your nick for you. This is to prevent other users from using your registered nick. There are two ways you can do this, but we will show you the easiest way. Type /msg NickServ identify followed by your password. For example, /msg NickServ identify mypassword. You will now be logged into your account for your registered nick.
  4. If you want to register another nick, you can link it to your account. To do this, first make sure you are logged in using the the method in point 3 above. Then change your nick to the new nick that you want to register using the method in point 1 above. Now type /msg NickServ group. Your new nick will now be registered to your account.

NickServ comes with more options which you can see by typing /msg NickServ help. If you need help with anything then you can join the #help channel on our webchat (, or you can email directly, or using our contact form.