About The ScoutLink Murder Mysteries

How Do I Join?

To join a game, join #murdermystery on either the the 8th of May at 14:40 GMT or on the 9th of may at 02:30 GMT.


You are at the retirement party of Dr. Austin, but things go wrong after he is found dead with a note that says ‘Beware, for I have just begun. There is no escape from us or our creation’. One look at Dr. Austin’s body is enough for you professional doctors to understand that there are killers with a deadly virus at the party, and there is no escape.

How To Play & FAQ

What is this?

Scoutlink Murder Mysteries are a collaborative game similar to mafia or werewolf. The role assigning starts at the start time on the Advertisement/Form, and the game officially starts when there are enough people in #murder-mystery to start. (usually 7 or 8 people).

What’s a role?

Your role is your character, it comes with a name and few clues. When you recieve a role your name will be changed to your characters name. Please read the hints provided carefully. You are more than welcome to share your hints with anyone playing, or make up anything you want. Roleplaying as your character is encouraged. If you haven’t gotten a role yet, please be patient. It can take a minute or two to assign them.

Do I know if I’m a murderer?

Yup, your role will tell you.

How do I win?

You win as a player by helping other players discover and kill the murderers or by killing the murderers yourself. If you’re a murderer, your goal is to kill the other players.

How do I kill someone?

Direct message the host (Mina or Ash) a name. There must be 10 minutes between kills, so you may be asked you to wait. As a player you only get one kill. Murderers, however, get unlimited kills. Only the dead person will know that you killed them, so its up to you if you share that information.

How do I arrest someone?

If you’re the constable/investigator, you both are allowed 2 arrests instead of 2 kills. Once you and the other constable/investigator agree on someone to arrest, you can private message the host (Mina or Ash) a name. You are allowed to ask for a hint first, but you must arrest immediately after.

What happens when someone gets arrested?

Arrests are immediate, and do not have a 10 minute timer like kills. An announcement will be made in the channel that they have been arrested. If they are innocent, they can keep playing. If they are the murderer, they die.

I’ve already played this month, can I play again?

No. It’s the same murderer both times, so you already know all the answers. Sorry :(

No one’s talking, What do I do?

Try sharing your hints with other players, or asking them to share their hints.

How do I use the bot?

Unlike other ScoutLink games, murder mysteries are run by a live person. Our hosts are not bots, please don’t try to command them :(


All ScoutLink rules still apply, please remember to use scout-appropriate language.

But remember – Dead men tell no tales. If you die you can talk as a “ghost” in the ghost chat but please don’t give hints, or disturb the game in main.