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Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI)

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What is JOTI?

JOTI, or Jamboree On The Internet, is part of an annual WOSM event, JOTA-JOTI, where Scouts from all over the world gather and communicate over the Internet using any technology locally available. Ways of communication used in this event vary. Examples include – but are not limited to – text-based chat, voice chat, video chat, emails, blogs, and social media networks. JOTI allows you to build friendship with Scouts in other countries and to find out more about their culture and scouting life.

ScoutLink, as the official JOTI carrier by WOSM since 2005, provides text-based chat using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and voice chat using TeamSpeak for JOTI. During JOTI, Scouts can discuss a certain topic, exchange scouting experiences, swap badges, play games, or listen to JOTI radio. Examples of JOTI activities can be found here: ScoutLink Resources

Most of our channels are arranged by language, so you can join any channel where you speak that language. There is also an #international channel where you can use any language you like. If one channel is full, just try another – for example, there are usually at least 20 #english channels for you to join. There are also a few special channels that are not arranged by language, such as our #uno game channel. We also have a channel dedicated to those who wants to exchange information (preparation and such) for 2015 World Jamboree: channel #japan2015. Just have a look around to see what’s available!

Thousands of Scouts come to ScoutLink every year during JOTI. They come from different countries, different scout groups, different ages, different nationalities, and different cultures. This is a great opportunity to all of you Scouts who seek new friends worldwide, as there will be so many chatters online at once!

When is it?

As stated by WOSM, JOTI takes place every third weekend of October, from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight (48 hours). As it starts at midnight local time, it actually lasts even longer than 48 hours if you count from when the first time zone joins to the last!

How can I get involved?

Firstly, you can register on the JOTAJOTI portal provided by WOSM, found here. This will register you on their systems and give you access to a variety of JOTI resources, many of which you can also find on this site. If you are registering as a group, you will be assigned a Jamboree IDentity (or JID), this is used in a variety of games. You can find the JID frequently asked questions here

Chatting at JOTI is done by connecting to ScoutLink in one of the following ways:

  • Webchat (eg ScoutLink Webchat) for simple and easy text chat.
  • IRC applications (eg mIRC, XChat, AndChat, AndroIRC, ircle, IRC999) for a more customiseable text chatting experience.
  • TeamSpeak for voice chat.

Guidance on how to connect to ScoutLink using IRC apps is available in our IRC Applications page. For those who need guidance in using TeamSpeak for voice chat, we have a step-by-step tutorial at TeamSpeak Voice Chat page.

Beginners might want to take a look at our Common IRC Command page to learn the basic commands usually used when chatting in IRC. Make sure you have registered your nickname with ScoutLink too! :)

If this is your first JOTI, use our webchat to get connected in the easiest way. Access our webchat by clicking here: ScoutLink Webchat

To ensure your comfort and safety during JOTI, please always follow our rules, as stated in Our Network Rules page.

How am I protected?

The ScoutLink network during JOTI is very crowded. There are chances that you will encounter users who behave not in scout-like manner. Protect yourselves by implementing the suggestions covered in our Internet Safety menu.

It is important that you give a positive impression when you meet new friends, especially if they aren’t from your region. Be a well-mannered Scout and always follow the rules. Protect your nickname by registering it so that other people won’t be able to use and abuse your nickname. Visit Register Your Nickname page to learn how.

How can I get help?

First, check the Frequently Asked Questions page. It answers most of the questions commonly asked during JOTI. You can also ask for help to all operators available. Check the About Us menu to get a detailed information about our operators. All of our Country/Region/Development Coordinators, Channel Operators, IRC Operators, and team members have an email address in the form of [nickname]@scoutlink.net. To contact them via email, all you have to do is replace the [nickname] part with their actual nickname.

Lastly, you can ask for help by emailing the Helpers using the form available in Contact Us page (make sure you select help@scoutlink.net).

Connection Limit

There is a limit of 20 users per IP.
This means that if you have more than 20 clients at your JOTI station and are only using one router, then we need to know about it, to allow you more connections. Please send an email to our TechTeam (address is techteam@scoutlink.net), or email them using the Contact Us page (make sure you select techteam@scoutlink.net).

Important! Please make sure you include the IP address or Host you will have during JOTI in your email, and the number of clients, so that we can give you permission to connect more than 20 users.

Further Information

Feeling curious or need more JOTI information? Check out the JOTA-JOTI official World Scouting website (and make sure you sign-up) or just ask your local JOTI coordinator :-)

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