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There are a whole range of ways to connect to our network, using desktop IRC clients available from various software developers. Our favourites are shown below; click on one for a step-by-step guide to setting it up.

Our server details are as follows:
Server: or
Port: 6667, 6668, or 6669
SSL is available on port +6697

Please remember that you can always use the /list command to show a list of channels available in ScoutLink.

mIRCScoutLink IRC for AndroidHexChatColloquyAndChatAndroIRCIRC999


Information from the creator:

mIRC is a full featured Internet Relay Chat client for Windows (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) that can be used to communicate, share, play or work with others on IRC networks around the world, either in multi-user group conferences or in one-to-one private discussions. Serving the Internet community for over a decade, mIRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of technology.

The latest version of mIRC can be downloaded through mIRC download page.

Connect to ScoutLink Server
Join A Channel
Automatically Set Your Nickname
Automatically Identify Yourself

Information from the creator:

ScoutLink2013ScoutLink IRC for Android is an Android App built specifically for use with the ScoutLink network, it allows you to get started on ScoutLink just by entering a nickname and clicking a button, no setup required.

Get it on Google Play

Information from the creator:


HexChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc. Even file transfers are possible. Latest version of HexChat can be downloaded here: HexChat download page

Setting nickname and connect to ScoutLink Server
Join A Channel

Information from the creator:


Traditionally, chat clients on the Mac have been anything but glamorous. Colloquy is an advanced IRC, SILC & ICB client which aims to fill this void. By adhering to Mac OS X interface conventions, Colloquy has the look and feel of a quality Mac application.

Colloquy features IRC, SILC and ICB compatibility, a powerful dictionary for easy scripting, unlimited extensability through plug-ins, full DCC transfer support with resume, buddy list, sleek multi- or single-window modes, support multiple servers, customized conversation look, has a collection of emoticons, fully compatible with mIRC colors, and of course, open source.

Latest version of Colloquy can be downloaded here: Colloquy download page

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Information from the creator:

AndChat is a free, multiserver, IRC app for the Android™ platform. Features including SASL support, chat logging, multi-server support, multi-charset support, UTF-8 Detection, colours (not mIRC colours, coloured text), input history/scrollback, timestamps, multi-nickname highlighting, customizable notifications, SSL support, user list, and encryption to protect access to password protected Servers.

Download AndChat here: AndChat download page

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Information from the creator:


AndroIRC is a fast and powerful Android™ IRC Client which has a fully customizable theme and beautiful interface. AndroIRC provides notification for new private message or highlight, is tablet ready, support SASL and NickServ, able to encrypt your conversation using FiSH protocol and support multi language. It features chat logging, multi servers, auto-connection at launch, SSL, NickServ authentication, nicks and channels completion and much more.

Latest version of AndroIRC can be downloaded here: AndroIRC download page

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IRC999 is a FREE, simple and straight-forward IRC Client for iOS. Download this application via iTunes, or check it here: IRC999 on iTunes.

Supported devices:
iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (3rd Generation) 4G, iPad (4th Generation), iPad (4th Generation) 4G, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (2nd Generation), iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPad 2 3G, iPad 2 Wifi, iPad 3G, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 4G, iPad Wifi, iPhone (1st Generation), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (1st Generation), iPod Touch (3rd Generation), iPod Touch (4th Generation).

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