Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you need more help then you can join us in our IRC #help channel (, or email us using our contact form.


What is Jamboree On The Air – Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI)?

JOTA-JOTI is held every year on the 3rd weekend of October. To take part, all you need to do is join ScoutLink as you usually would. The main difference is that there will be a lot more people online at this time than the rest of the year. When you join a busy channel, it will redirect you because the network is so busy that everyone doesn’t fit in one channel! An example of this is when you join #english, it might redirect you to #english04. To find out more information about JOTA-JOTI, please visit our JOTA-JOTI page (

Who looks after the technical side of ScoutLink?

We have a Tech Team who look after the servers and technical side of ScoutLink. The Tech Team choose their own team members when they need to expand the team.


I can see people typing, but I don’t know where to type?

It’s very simple. Type in the box at the bottom of the page and click Enter to send the text. You will see this appear in the main chat window if it is sent correctly.

What is a ChanOp?

A ChanOp, or Channel Operator, is there to help the users have a visit to ScoutLink as pleasant as possible. If you have any problems in a channel, these are the people you should contact to help you out. They can answer most questions you have, and also have the powers to kick or ban people from the channel if they are causing problems. Don’t know which one is the Chanop? Just ask!

What is an IRCOp?

An IRCOp, or an IRC Operator, is an Operator in every channel, and has all the usual powers that ChanOps have, but can also remove people from the whole network (kill), and set network bans (G-Lines). To find an IRCop, type: /stats P

How do I register my nick?

Firstly, you need to join the chat using the nickname that you want to register.
Once you have done that, the command to register is:

/msg nickserv register <password> <email-address>

For example:
/msg nickserv register secretpassword

You should receive a message to tell you if you have registered successfully, which usually appears in the server window. If you are using webchat, this is the tab in the webchat that says ‘ScoutLink’ at the top.

Once you have registered, you will need to login every time you join the chat. To login, write the command:

/msg nickserv identify <password>

You should get a message in your server window to show that you have logged in.

Why is it a good idea to register my nick?

It is useful to register your nick for several reasons:

  • it prevents other users from using your nick, as you will need to login to use it.
  • all users that are registered for more than 3 months can choose to vote (or stand) in elections to elect a council member to represent their country or region.
  • Users who wish to be temporary operators for JOTI will need a registered nick on the network.

Where are the ops? Nobody here is opped!

At ScoutLink, we do not ‘op up’ in channel unless we need to. There are probably ChanOps around if you need them, so if you want to know who are ops, just ask. We only wear our op hats at JOTA-JOTI.

Do you need any more operators?

We are always looking for temporary channel operators to help us during JOTA-JOTI. If you are over the age of 16 and would like to give us a hand, please speak to the Coordinator for your Country/Region (who can be found at Full training is offered by the Help and Training Team (HaTT) using our Moodle training environment, with informal online tests at the end to make sure you are confident in your job.

If you are looking to become a permanent op, you can speak to your Coordinator about this, but please bear in mind that operators are usually chosen from our regular long-term users, and those who have had experience of being an operator during JOTA-JOTI. The best way to become an operator is to be online often, and show that you are willing to chat and make the channel a better place to be.

How do I use colours/bold text/underlined text?

You can follow our guide on how use colours and different styles in your text ( Please remember that colours can’t be seen by all chat clients using ScoutLink, and also that overusing colours can be considered as spamming/flooding the channel.


My buildings/possessions got griefed (stolen, destroyed, etc.) – what do I do?

Report it to a Minecraft Team member in-game or on irc and we’ll get it taken care of for you as soon as we can. If no one is available then you can send an email using our contact form.

Is griefing/stealing permitted?

No, and any such actions can result in your account being banned. Refer to our full list of rules at

A scout is harassing me, but no Minecraft Team members are currently online – what do I do?

Take screenshots of any comments so far as evidence, and send an email to and include date, time and timezone when it happened. Don’t take matters into your own hands – any rules you break in retaliation can still get you punished as well.

I’ve just tried logging on, but I’m banned – what do I do?

Send an email to us using our ban appeal contact form and include: (1) Your Minecraft username (2) Why you got banned (if you know) (3) When you got banned (4) why we should unban you now.

How do I become a Minecraft Team member?

Asking to be a team member isn’t the way to become one. We choose Scouts and Guides who have shown a constant helpful attitude and dedication to being a role model to other players on the server. We take into account a player’s age (18+, but exception can be given in special cases), location, maturity, and skillset when making this decision. Our Coordinator (Sorcerer) and Deputy Coordinator (Arjo) are responsible for appointing team members.

I need help – how can I tell who is a Minecraft Team member, and who isn’t?

The ScoutLink Minecraft team members have a title/prefix in front of their names – [Admin] for Admins, [Moderator] for Moderators and [Supporter] for Supporters. On IRC our team members are “voiced” and have a “+” in front of their name. If you need help, ask for one of the team members and we’ll help you out as soon as we can. Please be patient. You can find out more about these roles at

Minecraft has updated, why hasn’t the server? When will it update?

We use a lot of plugins that help change Minecraft and make it safer and more fun for you to play on the server. This means it can sometimes take a little while before all of these plugins become compatible with the new upgrade.

My friend/sibling/random person used my account to break the rules – can I be unbanned?

Sorry, but all actions taken on your account are your responsibility, regardless of who uses it. Please refer to our full list of rules at

What plugins do you use?

We use lots of plugins. Some of them are for making ScoutLink Minecraft a safe place, others are for adding new features. We don’t publish a list of which specific plugins we use.

Can I download the map? What seed do you use to generate the worlds?

We do not distribute any of the worlds or seeds. However, we can help you get a copy of your building(s) or plot if you contact any ScoutLink Minecraft team member.

How do I connect to the server?

Start the game and chose “Multiplayer”. Add new server and type in as server adress. We use port 25565 (standard port).

I have an idea/suggestion – what do I do?

We appreciate any ideas/suggestions. Please contact any ScoutLink Minecraft team member and tell us about it.

I have an issue with a ScoutLink Minecraft team member – what do I do?

Please contact the Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator (see, or send an email to us by using our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Where can I build?

You can build on the creative, survival, skyworld and city gamemodes. In creative you need to find an empty plot, stand in it, and type /plot claim, or automatically get an empty plot by typing /p auto. In survival you need to find an empty space and claim it with a golden shovel, or simply by placing down a chest if it’s your first time making a claim. On skyworld you need to type /is and choose an island to get your own island where you can build. On city you need to be a builder in order to build, you can read more about becoming a builder here.

Can you do some WorldEdit for me?

WorldEdit is only allowed in the creative and city world. As a scout you can WorldEdit with a limit of 8000 blocks. If you need WorldEdit over a larger area, please contact any ScoutLink Minecraft team member.

Why do I have a WorldEdit limit? Can this be increased?

WorldEdit is very intensive on the server and when lots of people are using it at once then it can slow the whole server down, so players have a limit  Please contact any Minecraft team member if you need WorldEdit over a larger area.

I died in the survival world – how do I get back?

When you die in survival world you will be teleported back to your home or the spawn area. In order to get back you can use the coordinates of your death locations to find where you need to go. You can request your last death location with /deathmarker.

When you die in survival world you will be teleported back to your home or the spawn area. In order to get back to where you died you can either run or write /back. Everything you had in your inventory can be picked up again if you get back to the place you died within 5 minutes.

How do I travel to different places on the server?

First time you join the server you spawn at the hub. This is a place with portals to the different gamemodes, information, rules etc. Simply run through the portals to teleport.

You can always, no matter where you are on the server, write commands to teleport:

  • The hub = /hub
  • Survival world = /survival
  • Skyworld = /skyworld
  • Creative = /creative
  • City = /city
  • Werewolf = /werewolf
  • Build Battle = /buildbattle
  • Camp Defence = /campdefence

For teleportation within a certain gamemode look at the gamemode section on the Commands page