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ScoutLink Planet

Some of you may have noticed it, for about a week or so there is now again a new link at the top of the page. ScoutLink Planet is a RSS Feed Aggregator. It collects news from different Websites via RSS to show you the news on the ScoutLink site. This means, that it is easier for you to stay informed. You only have to check one webpage to stay informed.

ScoutLink Bash

You maybe all know the very popular Database of funny IRC Quotes. ScoutLink has now a own quote Database.

You can find it at

Microblogging (Beta) [Updated!]

microphoneSome really love it, others hate it more than everything else. It is Twitter. Maybe you know this very famous microblogging platform. I had some time this saturday so i've set up an microblogging platform at

So what's that? You could post messages (max 140 characters long). And write there everything (almost, you maybe know what i mean, i don't want to see there any illegal things etc).

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