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IRC-CH '09 - ScoutLink Easter Camp [Update]

As every year there is a ScoutLink real life meeting. The next one is in Switzerland in Faulensee near Spiez. Official begin is on Friday, April 10th, 2009, and the official end is on Monday, April 13th, 2009 More Info about that could be found at an extra page

Update: Judy made a nice PDF with some infos in it. It is now attached as an file.
If you are not registered for IRC-CH '09: Hurry up :)


Be nice to

19 days until JOTI and another temporary server: Thanks to Michiel for providing it.

Say hello to

From now on we have a temp Server which is located somewhere at USA. Thank you mang.

Nickserv registration disabled

It is September the 17th and JOTI is not so far away, so we disabled nick registration via Nickserv. If you want to register a nickname from now on, please register at, your nick is then registered automatically at nickserv. Users that already have an registered nick at ScoutLink could login there with the same password and username as they use at nickserv. Some weeks after JOTI the registration via IRC will be reenabled.

ScoutLink CD

ScoutLink CD is a downloadable CD (we sometimes give out copies on CD when we have funding) that contains information on ScoutLink and a copy of ScoutLink mIRC pre-configured for ScoutLink IRC. Interested? More Info and a Download could be found at the ScoutLInk UK pages.


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