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Services down [Update]

At the moment we are struggling with the server that runs the ircd services and some other things. Due the problems atm services are not reachable. We are working on an temporary solution for that. Sending mail to TechTeam atm also won't work, if really necessary send a mail directly to TT Members.

Thank You for understanding, we are working on it!

Update Do 29. Jan 22:16:21 CET 2009:

Temporary Services are now there, thank you megalive

The ticketing system is still down, so please mal technical issues directly to TT members.

2008 World JOTA-JOTI Report is available

The 2008 World JOTA.JOTI Report is now available. It contains a lot of interesting Information on what happened at this great event. On page 40 is a nice overview which shows how much connections came from which country to ScoutLink, the JOTI part itself starts on page 34. You can download the 7.5 MB pdf file here:

de01 temporary down

Elofos just informed me that will be down because he reinstalls it. After that TechTeam will set up our software on it. We'll inform you if de01 is back online.

Update: Is back online for stability test. If everythings ok for the next days with it i'll add another message here.

Update 2: de01 is back for some days and also stable

nl03 down

The server will be offline due to some problems. We'll inform you if it is back online again. During the downtime we ask you to use one of the other servers. You can see an overview of available servers at another blog entry.

Update (12 Dec): The Server is already back up again and running now stable.

#youth-events channel for JOTI

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