Council Minutes 2008

Minutes Council Meeting 6 December 2008 14.00 hours GMT.

Present, apologized, absent.

Minutes Council Meeting 1 November 2008 14.00 hours GMT

Present, apologized, absent.

Present: Roger_UK, Megalive ( TTC ), Tita ( JOTICO ), Jabiru, Nele, Saleiro, Dougly, Tinge, Juham, Aerolife, Anamartha, Radar ( deputy for CH/Fr ) Space_NL, Michele ( deputy for Italy ), Aciago, AK_Eagle, Hubcio.

Apologized: Coxswain, Judy, Boz_It.

Absent: Kaajavi, Scout_BZ, Locoto, Fenix ( resigned ), Grandpa.

Agreement of previous months minutes.

The minutes are accepted unanimously.

Doc 4.

Minutes Council Meeting 4 October 2008 14.00 hours GMT

Present, absent, apologized.
Present: Locoto, Aerolife, Anamartha, Roger-UK, Fenix, Bogote, Rae-rae ( deputy USA ),  Megalive, Space_NL, Zleppy ( deputy Scandinavia ), Wojo ( deputy Poland ), Judy, Tita ( JOTI-CO ),  and Radar ( secretary ).
Absent: Kaajavi, AK-Eagle, Scout_Bz, Boz-It, Grandpa.
Apologized: Juham, Tinge, Nele, Dougly, Hubico, Jabiru, Aciago, Saleiro.

Agreement of previous months minutes.

Last meetings minutes agreed without dissention, i.e. nobody objects.


Council Minutes September 2008

Present, apologized, absent.
Present: Aciago, anamartha, locoto, Dougly, Scout_BZ, webrat ( deputy DE ),  AK-Eagle, bogote, kaajavi , tinge, Radar ( deputy NL ), Nele, saleiro, fenix, Michele ( deputy It ), Grandpa, Megalive, hubcio, Juham
Apologized: aerolife, Judy, Space_NL, Boz_IT, roger-uk, Jabiru ( after meeting by email ), Coxswain ( after meeting by email ).
Absent: Jacka, Tita (JOTI-CO )

Note: hubcio has been elected as CC Poland. Welcome!! He has been added to council list.

Council Minutes August 2008

Minutes Council Meeting 2 August 2008 14.00 hours GMT

Present, apologized, absent.

Present: roger-uk, Aciago, papabear, anamartha, locoto, Dougly, Scout_BZ, webrat, Coxswain, AK-Eagle, bogote, kaajavi, tinge, Radar.

Apologized: Jabiru, Nele, Juham, aerolife, Judy, Space_NL, Grandpa, Boz_IT.

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