IMPORTANT: Switch to new software

Hi there, All of you have now had the opportunity to test the new network and some of you have already done so. It is now time to switch to the new

The switch will happen in this week (Starting from today (july 7th 2010) till next thursday). There is no exact date as we still need to do some preparations. network. Here is some information for you. Please also send this information out to your users:

* New Server Names: Servers are no longer named in a country scheme. They all now have names of trees. This is just a simple naming convention.

* SSL: ALL Servers of the new Network support SSL. The Port for accessing this has changed and is now 6697

* Services: 99% of the users can use their current username and password in the new network. If you register new nicks you now need to verify that your mail address is correct.

* Commands that change: For normal users everything stays the same. HATT is working on an updated Manual.

* "Help, my oline is not working!!!" You should have got a email some weeks ago with your new password and login. If not please contact your CC: We added all IRCops using information we got from the CCs.

* "Hey, such and such is not working, why?" If you experience any problems: First try to solve them yourself or ask other users. If that didn't help please send us an email to or create a new Help Ticket at our new helpdesk at

* We will create a FAQ as soon we get the first questions. Please bear with us during the changeover, and remember that we are all volunteers who have regular jobs as well :) Please send all problems to the helpdesk so the techies can work through them and check them off when solved.