pre JOTI 2010

JOTI 2009 is already over for some weeks, users decreased and some cleanup is also already done. So time to do something else? No, JOTI 2010 will be there faster as you think and so we are already planning a lot of changes for next year. As nothing is ready yet i won't post exact details about what we plan but one thing i can say: It will  make things easier.
At a first stage only for all techies (this means we can faster process your requests). Later also CCs and IRCops may benefit from the changes, but till all this happens there is a lot of work todo.
So if the weather is bad (actually this means not enough snow for skiing or rain, cold is not bad :) this could be done earlier, if it is a great winter in my favour it may take a bit longer. But there are also other techies, that have a long way to the mountains, poor guys but better for the project.