ScoutLink TechTeam improves your life from now on

Over the years friend of yours have sent you an emoticon/smilie, and you have had to turn your head 90° right or left every time! During an entire day it can make you really dizzy. How familiar are you with this story? You know this is a problem, so do we! Therefore, ScoutLink TechTeam department have decided to improve your life. We have already fliped the website, so you can read emoticons/smilies easily from now on. Also we are currently working on a patch to our ircd software to bring this feature in chat services.

Downtime mailsystem

Currently our mailsystem is not working. Reason is a hardware failure on the server we use for it. The Backup system also has some issues atm.

We are working together with the datacenter staff to get this problem fixed very soon. If everything works well our system should be back in about 24 hours from now (13.12.2009- 18:44).

Update Mon 12 - 14 -  2009 19:50 CET:

Services availability on friday 29.11.2009

On friday 29.11.2009 some changes to the network in the datacenter where the machine which is hosting our services is located will be done.

It could be possible that there are some minor network issues on that day.

pre JOTI 2010

JOTI 2009 is already over for some weeks, users decreased and some cleanup is also already done. So time to do something else? No, JOTI 2010 will be there faster as you think and so we are already planning a lot of changes for next year. As nothing is ready yet i won't post exact details about what we plan but one thing i can say: It will  make things easier.
At a first stage only for all techies (this means we can faster process your requests). Later also CCs and IRCops may benefit from the changes, but till all this happens there is a lot of work todo.

User Stats

Here i will post from time tome time some users max values.

17.10.2009 17:15 CEST

Current global users: 5069  Max: 5186

17.10.2009 14:25 CEST

Current users: 4347

17.10.2009 10:45 CEST

At the moment we have 3200 Users

The number measures is again smaller (their bot only vists us every X Minutes)

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