Switch done

 The switch to the new software is done. It may still take about 24 hours till all DNS entries are updated. If you encounter any real technical problems send a mail to

If you just do not know how to use a new function or things like that send a mail to

Server List

 Here is a list of Server you can connect to on the new Swordfish Network.

birch                          Netherlands

beech                          Netherlands

cypress                        Netherlands

IMPORTANT: Switch to new software

Hi there, All of you have now had the opportunity to test the new network and some of you have already done so. It is now time to switch to the new

The switch will happen in this week (Starting from today (july 7th 2010) till next thursday). There is no exact date as we still need to do some preparations. network. Here is some information for you. Please also send this information out to your users:

* New Server Names: Servers are no longer named in a country scheme. They all now have names of trees. This is just a simple naming convention.

Features of the new Network

Most of you already heard it: we will switch to a new ircd software and new services. The first question often asked is: why? This article should explain some of the reasons why we switch to the new network.


The old (current ircd as of writing this) ircd is no more maintained by its developers. This means there are no more security updates and also no new features that we would like to have. The new software is actively developed and easy to extend.

shit happens

Sometimes there are strange, or almost shocking messages if you login on servers that are provided for ScoutLink. But thats real hard stuff:

Message from syslogd@local at Tue Apr 13 15:16:18 2010 ...
local kernel: CPU0: Temperature above threshold

Message from syslogd@local at Tue Apr 13 15:16:18 2010 ...
local kernel: CPU0: Running in modulated clock mode

This happened while compiling a software module. To not kill the machine i stopped compiling and started some minutes later again.

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